April 3 to 16, 2024

By Quantum Way

30 talks - 32 guests - 10 days of sharing

Plunge into the heart of healing and resilience
 A major free online event on trauma

Transform your approach to trauma and attachment

The Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit is a must-attend event for professionals and the general public alike: it's the annual gathering with the biggest names in trauma and attachment. The Summit is an in-depth immersion in the latest advances and techniques for understanding, treating and transcending trauma.

Do you wonder about the true nature of trauma and attachment, and how they impact our lives?

Would you like to enhance your therapeutic skills to better support your patients/clients on their healing journey?

Would you like to turn the challenges you face into opportunities that allow you to be freer and more grounded and secure?

Are you looking for innovative approaches and holistic methods to treat trauma, such as IFS, PVT, RI, EMDR, AEDP, SE, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion? *

Do you want to be part of a committed community working to further the understanding of trauma and promote the most effective treatments?

If these questions make sense to you, then join us for 30 hours of discovery, learning and personal and professional transformation!

* IFS: Internal Family Systems; PVT: Polyvagal Theory; RI: Relational Intelligence; EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing; AEDP: Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy; SE: Somatic Experiencing.

"Trauma can be summed up in a single statement: trauma results from a failure of our nervous system to bring us to safety once it has been exposed to danger." 

François le Doze

Talking about trauma: a societal challenge

Since 2022, our Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summits have brought together over 100,000 participants, attesting to the importance attached to these themes. Trauma, often perceived as an individual issue, actually has profound societal implications affecting each and every one of us, directly or indirectly. 

Our aim is to shed light on trauma, demystifying it and addressing its many facets with kindness and expertise. Here, professionals and the general public come together to explore, learn and share strategies for coping with, understanding and transforming trauma.

Many people carry unacknowledged traumas that hinder their personal development and their ability to live life to the full.

The Summit offers tools to identify, soothe and treat trauma, contributing to healing and the development of resilience.

Talking openly about trauma and attachment, without taboos and with kindness, helps individuals understand the origin of their suffering, whether it's linked to childhood or adult experiences, and is inter-generational or collective.

A diverse range of approaches and techniques are presented at the Summit (e.g. IFS, TPV, IR, EMDR, AEDP), encouraging a holistic approach to trauma (mind, body and life story).

The Summit is the best place to discover methods and skills for dealing with trauma, for healthcare professionals and people in the helping professions, and for the general public.

Take part in the Summit to discover and disseminate new avenues of treatment and restore victims' voices.

"L’espoir réside dans le fait de savoir que si nos premières expériences façonnent notre système nerveux, les expériences de vie peuvent le remodeler. " 

Deb Dana

A summit for professionals and the general public alike

A friendly, compassionate atmosphere and an abundance of knowledge, skills and wisdom to deepen your knowledge or exploit your potential: the Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit is open to everyone!

For those in the healthcare
and helping professions

 who want to enrich their own practice and take better care of traumatized people: doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, educators, alternative or energy therapists, coaches, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, social workers, emergency shelters, non-profits... 

The general public

Anyone interested in psychology, and more specifically in the issues of trauma, attachment theory and resilience.  


Individuals suffering from trauma, attachment disorders, generalized anxiety or other symptoms with traumatic origins, seeking keys to a better understanding of their experience and ways to heal and to transcend traumatic events.

Professionals, enrich your therapeutic practice
with cutting-edge tools and knowledge.
Enthusiasts, deepen your understanding
of trauma and attachment.


Gain new insights into trauma, attachment wounds and their consequences

28 talks
by experts

28 talks by internationally recognized experts, in French and English.

Free live

 Free live access with the option of buying Replay Packs to watch at your own pace.

An engaged community

 An engaged community of professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Innovative approaches

Innovative approaches and the latest cutting-edge techniques in trauma treatment.

Find the keys to a more resilient and fulfilled life. 

"Parce que les traumatismes ont avant tout un impact sur le corps -
notre physiologie, notre système musculaire somatique -
nous devons travailler à ce niveau pour résoudre le problème." 

Pat Ogden


Meet the guests of this Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit, who’ll share their knowledge and experience with you.

 All times are Central European Time (CET).

April 3

Linda Thai, specialist in brain-body modalities for healing trauma.

April 5

Deirdre Fay, one of the world’s leading experts on attachment theory and its clinical application.

April 8

Deb Dana, the first clinician to apply Polyvagal Theory in her practice.

Ruth Lanius, 25 years of clinical experience and cutting-edge research on trauma-related disorders.

Janina Fisher, world-renowned expert in the treatment of psychological trauma.

Christine Forner, 35 years of clinical experience working with trauma and dissociation.

April 9
April 10

Dafna Lender, family therapist, teacher and supervisor specializing in attachmentt.

Resmaa Menakem, pioneer in “somatic abolitionism”: healing the wounds of racial trauma.

Lissa Rankin, world-renowned MD with a holistic approach to health and well-being.

April 11

Ruth Cohn, trauma therapist specialized in neglect and the resulting relationship and sexual issues.

Pascale Brillon, psychologist specializing in the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

April 12

Anne Dewailly, EMDR supervisor and facilitator worldwide since 2003, & Robert Muzuri Rugoheza, expert psychologist active in humanitarian aid programs

Betsy Polatin, pioneer in the art of combining science and spirituality to heal trauma.

Discover advanced trauma treatment techniques from the biggest names in psychology, health and well-being.

At the end of the Summit, you will ...

Leave with an in-depth understanding of trauma, its origins and its impact on individuals and society.

Be able to develop your resilience, whether for yourself or to help others, by establishing wellness and healing practices in your daily life or in your therapeutic work. 

Have discovered effective strategies for dealing with trauma, using techniques and approaches such as IFS, PVT, RI, SE and EMDR. 

Be able to identify and soothe the symptoms of trauma in your patients or in yourself, thus contributing to a more effective healing process.

Expand your professional network by connecting with experts, mental health professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. 

Be equipped to raise awareness and educate those around you about the importance of recognizing and dealing with trauma. 

Gain resources and knowledge that will enrich your therapeutic practice or personal understanding of trauma and attachment.

Possess the keys to transforming traumatic experiences into opportunities for growth and development.

Open the way to resilience and healing.

"Our biological imperative is to be in contact with others.
Human beings cannot thrive without connection." 

 Stephen Porges

"The best summit on trauma"
you put it better than we could

"Keep changing the world... And if the world doesn't change, at least you'll have changed one life..."


"As a future psychology student, I found this conference fascinating and accessible. Thanks also to the chat participants."


"The kindness with which everyone treated one another was heart-warming. [All the] speakers, who seemed to me to be open-minded and whose conversations with the wonderful Florence Bernard were real science. A staggering diversity! It was a festival of global knowledge and experience, and thanks to you, with Quantum Way, the way forward is opening up in France."


"THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The relevance of the questions asked by Quantum Way, by Florence, allows Boris Cyrulnik to develop his thoughts in such a clear, powerful and useful way."


"Thank you very much to our livin library, Boris C. Thank you Florence and the whole Quantum Way team 🌈💥🌹⭐❤️"


"IFS saved me... it's my method of personal growth and introspection and I love it... and I recommend it."


"Thank you so much François for this wonderful experience: it's a really gentle way to heal from trauma! I've been practising conscious breathing for 24 years and was trained by a world expert in the field called Dan Brulé."


"What a pleasure to meet you again every day for these brilliant conferences. I've been with you since the first Summit and I'm still learning so much. Thank you for your kindness and for this wonderful adventure. Thanks to Anne-Laure for the interpreting and to Florence, Mehdi, Liz and Marc."


"What a joy being able to benefit from all these resources with such good organization, and Anne-Laure is always excellent. Thank you, Florence, Medhi and the whole QW team!"


"Thank you so much for this exceptional talk, it was fascinating!"


"Good evening everyone! What a pleasure to be back with the wonderful Florence, the Quantum Way team and the incredible Kathy Steele. Thank you for this summit."


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Our Mission

At Quantum Way, we are therapists first and foremost, all trained in our respective specialties in attachment issues and trauma treatment.

Talking about attachment and trauma in the open, without taboos and with kindness and compassion, in an online conference, accessible free of charge, can help people suffering from the symptoms of trauma understand that what they are experiencing is the result of what happened to them: trauma, neglect, violence, shock... experienced in early childhood, in adulthood, inherited from their elders or experienced on the scale of the community, of society as a whole.

The Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience online summit aims to give healthcare professionals and people in all helping professions the keys to spotting and taking care of the signs of suffering in children or adults they encounter in their practice. We aim to shed new light on trauma, attachment wounds and their consequences for everyone, using a wide range of approaches and techniques such as Mindfulness, IFS, Polyvagal theory, EMDR, EFT, IR...

quantum way TEAM

Florence bernard

As a therapist constantly on the lookout for new approaches and new ways of understanding my clients and the world in which I evolve, it was natural for me to join the Quantum Way project and create this Summit. I host it with passion and emotion every year.

Liz Carey Libbrecht

Mindfulness teacher, therapist, translator. Quantum Way was born of my personal journey and my desire to share. This summit is profoundly meaningful, encapsulating the journey from surviving to thriving: healing, evolving, understanding, learning, transmitting...

Marc Maouad

As a writer, director and lover of all things human, I offer a different perspective on the subjects addressed by Quantum Way, and bring my personal touch to everything to do with sound and image.

Jean-Michel Gurret

As a psychotherapist and pioneer of energy psychology and Clinical EFT training in the French-speaking world, I am committed to promoting the most effective methods for treating trauma.


Is the Summit free?

Access to all the live talks is totally free. Access to the Replay Packs is available for purchase only.

Where do the talks take place?

The Summit takes place online on Zoom, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world.

Can I attend the Summit in person?

No, the Summit is exclusively online, promoting international accessibility and participation.

Can we attend past Summits?

Previous editions can be accessed in the form of Replay Packs. Excerpts from previous editions will be posted on our Youtube channel in the coming weeks.

Is the Summit in French?

Yes, the Summit will be available in English, but also in French according to your preference, thanks to simultaneous interpretation by our exceptional professional interpreters, Anne-Laure Gex, Dawn Sheridan and Sophie Deprez.

Will we be able to ask the speakers questions?

Yes, there will be Q&A sessions with the speakers at the end of each talk. You will be able to write your questions directly in the chat.

I'm already interested in several topics, so how can I prepare?

You can start by reading articles on our blog, watching videos or taking a look at our programs.

I can't attend the Summit live, but I don't want to miss it. What can I do?

You can purchase a Replay Pack to access the talk recordings at your convenience.

Are the Replay Packs also free?

No, the Replay Packs are available for purchase only.

When will the Replay Packs be available?

The Replay Packs are already available for purchase. The talks will be online and accessible for the duration included in your Replay Pack, from May 13.

What is the difference between the 2 Replay Packs?

The Discovery Pack gives you 6 weeks' access to all the talks.
With the Unlimited Pack, you can watch and replay the talks without any time limitation. You'll also have access to the recordings in audio format.

Can I invite colleagues or friends?

We strongly encourage you to do so. You can invite other people to register, and by taking advantage of our referral campaign you can earn points.

How does referral work?

When you register, you'll receive a unique link to share with your family, colleagues and friends... By using this link when they register, they'll help you earn points to redeem for discount coupons, programs and even the 2024 Replay Pack! Find out all the details on the registration confirmation page and by email. 

Find the keys to a more resilient and fulfilled life. 


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